45 units of 3-storey shop offices situated in the heart of Setia Indah.




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SP Setia
The Artiz with its exemplary location would make the commercial development a future meeting point for residents within the Setia Indah township. Adding 45 units of 3-storey shop offices would attract new businesses and amenities, adding vibrancy and value to the surrounding community. The development will have a total of around 218,000 square metres of space available, touting to be the perfect spot to kickstart a business.

The intensely competitive construction tendering process meant that Fook Yu was working with a tight budget, it had to control costs extremely well to stay profitable. To assist the contractor to save on material and labour, ECCO Steel was engaged to create an engineering (cut-to-size) mesh solution for the project’s reinforced concrete framework structure.

Pristine business location

Excellent accessibility, great visibility and a ready catchment
During the construction of the project, there were instances which required a change in size or change in design of the engineering mesh. With direct access to a dedicated project manager at ECCO Steel, it was easy for the client to communicate the required changes quickly. ECCO steel would then implement these changes into its design and produce the mesh to adapt to the structural requirements of the project in a timely manner.

To assist in facilitating inventory management at site, we undertook the following:
1. Proactively keeping updated on the project’s progress to ensure no pending material is left undelivered.
2. Organised labelling of the engineering steel wire mesh to allow workers on site to understand where materials should be installed.
3. Follow the client’s requested delivery schedule to maximise the use of its workers, site space and resources.

Building facade work in progress

Engineering (cut-to-size) wire mesh delivered to site according to building schedule
Overall, thanks to the design and manufacture of cut-to-size mesh by our team of engineers, the steel usage for the building could be reduced by up to 15%, whilst still adhering to the structural integrity of the project.

The close coordination, material and labour savings were well appreciated by the client. We look forward to future fruitful partnerships between the parties involved!

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SP Setia

Products used

Steel wire mesh: Engineering (cut-to-size) solution

Get reinforcement mesh designed by our expert engineers and manufactured off site at our facilities to suit your project’s structural requirements in flat sheet or shaped form. Delivered on time, engineered to fit and ready to install.

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