A superhighway for sustainable used water management.




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PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency
To meet Singapore’s increasing water needs, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, designed a comprehensive Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) that will meet 55% of Singapore’s total water demand through reclamation of used water when complete.

In 2017, construction of Phase 2 of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) was launched and is projected to be complete in 2025.

Ed Zublin AG was awarded the contract to design and build 12 kilometres of sewer tunnels for Phase 2 of the DTSS.

Core water infrastructure

Meeting 55% of Singapore’s total water demand by 2025
During the construction of the sewer tunnels, Zublin purchased hard drawn wires from ECCO Steel for the manufacture of its precast concrete structures at its Johor plant.

The hard drawn wire were delivered in coil forms (+/-2MT/coil), allowing Zublin to avoid material wastage as it could process the wire coils to any length that is required. On top of which, ECCO steel also delivered wires that were cut-to-length in accordance to Zublin’s requirements. This allowed workers to immediately use the wires for its precast structures upon arrival, saving on labour resources and speeding up the production process.

A cost-effective and sustainable future

Using gravity to converge water into three centralised water reclamation plants through a network of deep tunnel sewers.
Partnering Zublin in the supply of hard drawn wires for this project has been a meaningful win-win situation for all.

On one hand, Zublin was able to secure a competitive price lock-in package for its steel wire materials, giving them an edge in meeting their construction budget despite a global surge in steel prices during the first quarter of 2021. On the other hand, ECCO Steel had the meaningful opportunity to play a role in supplying quality materials for a project that pushes the boundaries on the sustainable use of Earth’s finite resources.

Imagine using gravity to converge used water at water reclamation plants to be cleaned into water that can be drunk again! That will all be made reality in 2025.

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PUB Singapore

Products used

Wire rods & Hard drawn wire

Wire rods and hard drawn wire manufactured to industry standards. Maintain structural integrity in your precast projects, cut to size with peace of mind.


Reinforcement ribbed steel bar precisely hard drawn from wire coils to the right size and essential tensile strength. Confidently construct with every bar.

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A superhighway for sustainable used water management.

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