Hello manufacturer of precast concrete

We understand you face tight deadlines and space constraints.

Like many other precasters, allow our expert team of engineers to design and manufacture engineering (cut-to-size) mesh for your project at our facilities instead.

We’ll deliver to your site at your schedule, with cut-to-size mesh that’s ready for immediate concrete casting. Save money, time, and space. Learn more from industry peers below.

More precast projects


PUB Singapore: Deep Tunnel Sewerage System [Case Study]

A superhighway for sustainable used water management.

Woon Brothers

Manufacturer of pipes, box culverts, U-shape and L-shape walls in Malaysia.

ECCO Steel delivered on quality for the hard drawn wire coils and wire mesh we've purchased. Their professional technical support has also been invaluable.

Khai Keong
Production Manager, KUS Precast Concrete

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