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We agree, well built infrastructure is important for public safety, usability and low maintenance! In part, it boils down to the quality of building materials used.

Like your industry peers, you shouldn’t and wouldn’t need to worry about the quality of your reinforcing steel when purchasing with us at ECCO Steel.

We’re committed to industry certified manufacturing practises to deliver peace of mind – quality mesh at the agreed price and delivery schedule. Speak with us today for your infrastructure projects.

More infrastructure projects


PUB Singapore: Deep Tunnel Sewerage System [Case Study]

A superhighway for sustainable used water management.

Aurora Sentral Earthworks [Case Study]

A conclave of resort style residential villas, 3-storey Semi-D shops, and amenities – making it a self sustainable city.

Our ongoing projects were facing problems of unexpected surging metal prices. Thankfully, ECCO Steel offered a competitive price to lock in our wire mesh usage throughout the project duration which allowed us to reduce our risk of price fluctuations.

Mr Lim
Director, Hwahin

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