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We empower you to build the difference.

See the impact on your profits, productivity, and on our planet with ECCO Steel as your reinforcement steel supplier in Malaysia. Let’s get to work, and thrive together.

Looking back. Growing forward.

Brighter horizons, for all.

Leveraging over 70 years of industry experience, insight, and relationships built through our parent company, Yick Hoe Group, ECCO Steel as a reinforcement steel supplier in Malaysia is well equipped to deeply understand and assess the needs of your construction project, and provide the most cost effective and time efficient building solution.

Pushing forward, it is our mission to bring future-forward construction materials and technology to the construction industry for a smarter way to build where people, profits, and planet can thrive together.

Our vision for the future is a zero-waste construction industry, one build at a time. Partner us in leading the change.

500 contractors trust ECCO Steel to deliver


Purchase with a peace of mind. Receive reinforcement mesh and wire manufactured to industry standards.


Count on the fulfilment of your purchase order. We follow through on the agreed price, quantity, and delivery schedule.

Cost competitiveness

Benefit from efficient manufacturing processes as we invest in the latest machinery, and pass the cost savings on to you.


Discover new construction materials and technology to enhance your project's productivity and profits.


Gain access to a dedicated account manager. Our experienced team will take the time to understand your project and efficiently coordinate your construction material needs.


Tap into over 70 years of industry experience, knowledge, and relationships built within the construction sector.

Like your industry peers, partner us today.

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Reinforcement Steel Supplier in Malaysia at your service

The ECCO Steel Team

At your service.

Our nimble team with decades-long experience in engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing within the construction sector, has the combined skill set to deliver the best possible solution and product to you, at the best possible price.

At ECCO Steel, we consciously create a strong culture of adaptability, customer service, and pride in our work, to build sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders. We even take the initiative to propose better materials and construction solutions to you that will save you time and money!

Come along, partner us, and let’s hit those productivity and profit goals that’s also good for both people and planet.

Ready to build the difference?

Assured. Bold. Conscious.